Wednesday, March 13, 2019

The Tevis Cup: To Finish Is To Win - Marnye Langer

The Tevis Cup: To Finish Is To Win
by Marnye Langer, 2004

The Tevis Cup, a 100-mile endurance ride through the Crystal Range of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, is the granddaddy of endurance riding. It remains one of the best attended 100-mile endurance rides in the world, only recently surpassed by those in the Middle East offering monetary prizes.

Endurance riding is recognized as one of the seven international equestrian disciplines, and much of the early organization of the sport arose from the Tevis Cup itself. Endurance riding tests a horse and rider over a long distance of usually 50 or 100 miles within a time limit of 12 to 24 hours.

For the past 46 years, 250 riders from all over the world gather annually to test their mettle and that of their horses at the Tevis Cup. The race is not only an equestrian competition--it's a slice of Americana in that it represents the pioneer spirit of the Old West.

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