Friday, March 15, 2019

Endurance...Years Gone By - Lori Oleson

Endurance...Years Gone By

by Lori Oleson, 2015

'Endurance...Years Gone By' is a historical look back of great horses and riders from the 70's, 80's and 90's in the sport of endurance. There is rich history of interesting characters that taught us and shaped the sport into what we have today. Their memories should never be forgotten. //// "The history told in these pages is enlightening, fascinating and downright entertaining." Heather Reynolds - Tevis Cup winner, Haggin Cup winner, Pan American Champion, over 20,000 miles. //// "The thing that makes Lori’s book so special is that we are treated to a succession of stories. As you finish each chapter, a story unto itself, you can’t help but reflect on its contents. The respect Lori has shown for the riders and the good horses she portrays between the covers of Endurance…Years Gone By will bring you closer to understanding what makes a few stand out among the many.” Julie Suhr - Haggin Cup winner, AERC Hall of Fame, over 30,000 miles. //// "Is Endurance…Years Gone By light entertainment, a source of inspiration or a string of cautionary tales (and I challenge you to read it through without thinking or saying, “Holy cow, they did WHAT?!” at least a half dozen times). While it can be any and all of those, I suggest looking for the pearls of wisdom contained in almost every chapter, whether those pearls instruct on how to be better by following in their footsteps, or by stampeding onto another path." Susan Garlinghouse, DVM, MS, AERC Director-at-Large, Chair - AERC Education Committee.

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